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Positive Thoughts, Proper Motion and Good Nutrition

These are the keys to living a long, happy and healthy life.  Chiropractic and exercise focus on Proper Motion and Good Nutrition is obvious, but of the three the most overlooked, and possibly the most important is to have Positive Thoughts.

Meditation is simply quieting the mind, remaining aware and blocking thought.  It works and scientists are now learning how.

Here is a simple meditation that you can use to speed healing Click Here


Quantum physics is pointing to the simple fact that thoughts effect the very reality you perceive and you have much more say in the creation of your reality and your health than most think.

Modern physicists understand now that everything we see as physical reality comes from something called the Unified Field.  (Source: )

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You will notice above that all we see in our physical universe starts in the Unified Field as non-physical.  Starting as quarks, electrical or gravitational forces. Then these become tiny particles and eventually form what we call reality such as solids, fluids or gasses.



It depends upon who you ask.  A religious scholar might describe it as God or Buddha.  Others might describe it as Source.  Scientists like to use terms such as Unified Field or Quantum Field.  The important thing to understand is that the field is made up of “thoughts”, or what scientists call consciousness.  In other words your thoughts (good and bad) mold this field, they mold your reality, they create you and they create our collective reality.  Most Important… You Have Access!   (Notice how meditation allows your mind to identify with the Unified Field)

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Below is a picture of the electrical pattern of a person who is in meditation (right) and a person who is not (left).   Notice how the brain is more connected during meditation and this individual has access to much more information.

Electrical Pattern

Electrical Pattern

Here we see the actual brain (using PET scan) of a normal person compared to a person who has violent tendencies.  In the image on the right, the violent brain appears to be filled with holes. These aren’t actual holes in the physical brain matter of the brain, but instead are functional holes—parts of the brain that are not actively firing or participating in our moment-by-moment experience. Simply put, the violent person’s chronic negative thoughts have created a negative physical reality expressed in the brain.

Here we see the actual brain (using PET scan) of a normal person compared to a person who has violent tendencies.

Here we see the actual brain (using PET scan) of a normal person compared to a person who has violent tendencies.


Life experience has taught us to avoid pain (stick) and to move toward what we want (carrot).  The problem is that as we get older we are under “self-induced” stress from constantly trying to avoid the stick.  For example, experiences such as loss of a lover might cause one to avoid relationships.  Financial distress might result in fear of opening a new business.  Or being physically abused might result in mistrust of other people.  No matter what the case is, we are literally re-wiring our brains to become more aware of what might go wrong!  Have you ever noticed as you get older the good things like getting a new job, new car or new lover only give you moments of satisfaction (but when you were younger the good feeling lasted much longer)?  Now after getting the carrot you say to yourself “I hope I can afford the insurance on the new car”  “I wonder if my new boss will like me” or “My new boyfriend is nice now but…”  The reason you do this is because you have wired yourself to avoid the stick.  This might be “intelligent” but it will not create the life you want!The next problem is that the more often you keep the negative thought, the more it becomes immediately accessible.  Ever notice how quickly you get mad at your spouse compared to a stranger who does the same thing?  The reason is because You wired Your brain to do it by repeating the thought about that person.  For example…  What get’s you in more trouble?  A) Responding immediately to someone who upset you.  B) Or just holding your breath and not responding for a few minutes or even days.


As you are learning, there is a lot of power in that simple song “Don’t worry, be happy now”.  An easy way of re-wiring your brain is by using GRATITUDE.  When things do go your way, savor them for longer periods of time.  The longer you think about good the more “good” hard-wiring takes place in your brain.  Your brain literally produces more chemicals that make you feel better, make you happy and heal the body! When you are feeling stressed, STOP think about something that makes you happy instead such as a friend, child or animal.  Sounds too simple to be true, but study after study shows it works!


Meditation only takes up a small portion of your day.  Then you awake from the meditation, come back into “reality” and go back into your “old” patterns of thought.  You know the ones that have not served you well.There are numerous studies on how changing your thoughts can cure cancer, reverse disease, improve family life, make you rich, improve sex, as well as decrease hospital admissions.  The key is YOU must change how You See the world!  Do not attempt to change the circumstances.    Think only about what you want and give little attention to what you don’t want.  Spend the majority of your day in GRATITUDE!

Suggested Reading: The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Esther Hicks (must read if you want a simple map of how to), Transcending The Levels of Consciousness, David Hawkins, MD, PhD (personal favorite), Energy Healing Experiments, Gary Schwartz, PhD, Buddha’s Brain, Rick Hanson, PhD, Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Quantum Enigma, Bruce Rosenblum, PhD